Katniss'd and Famished: Beefing Up Romance in The Hunger Games Movie Leaves Us Starved

Originally written by Tanvi Berwah for Blogcritics.org

The new Life & Style story on The Hunger Games stirred up a debate in the fandom of the bestseller books which are now being adapted for Hollywood by Lionsgate.

“In their story, L&S reports that to make the first movie a bit more interesting, “scenes have been added in to give the heartthrob a larger role on-screen and make the love triangle steamier and a bigger aspect early on in the franchise.””

This is quite an unwelcome news. The Hunger Games is not the next Twilight, as most media have assumed. The romantic element of the books is only a part of Katniss Everdeen’s life, most of which is being the face of the rebellion that will bring the tyrant government down and a beaten girl trying to keep her family alive. These books are about survival and facing tough situations with grit and determination.

The movie’s focus should be on Katniss, the Games and the dystopian world created by author Suzanne Collins. That’s what the books are about.

Trying to lure audience into the theatre on the basis of Liam Hemsworth’s muscles will only go so far as the first week of the movie. If the studios want to build up a Harry Potter-esque frachise, they must understand they have a fan base they must cater to.

Beefing up the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale only deviates from the story and alienates fans who will not be happy to see Hollywood butchering yet another fiction-to-film.