‘Mockingjay: Part 2’ featured in Australia’s FilmINK magazine


Australia’s FilmINK magazine is running a cover feature on Mockingjay: Part 2 in their latest September issue, covering some of the biggest female-driven films to hit screens this year.

While there are no new images from the movie, the feature includes new interviews with the cast and crew.

Director Francis Lawrence discusses the difference between the first and last couple of movies, the obvious divergence in terms of setting.

“In terms of visuals, the final movie really expands,” director, Francis Lawrence, tells FilmInk.  “The final two films, in fact, are very different from the last stories, because there are no Hunger Games, and there’s no trip to The Capitol for training. We spend a fair amount of time in a new place in these movies which is District 13, so that’s a completely new design and a completely new location. The new environments dictate the new visuals.”

The cast also elaborates on bidding farewell to the franchise.

“I’ll miss the relationships that we’ve all built,” Liam Hemsworth tells FilmInk. “The crew has been the same pretty much since the beginning, and there are so many people who I’m really close friends with now. When we were shooting in Berlin towards the end, Jennifer and I would sit there and get quite emotional about the fact that it was coming to an end, and the fact that we wouldn’t be spending as much time with all these people. I think that’s what we’ll all miss the most. With Jennifer and [co-star] Josh [Hutcherson], we’ve been through some of the most important points of our lives together. We’ve created such a strong bond because of the things that we’ve experienced together. We can go for a big amount of time without speaking to each other, but we all know how important we are for each other and how much we shared together, and how important our friendship has become.”

“Oh my God, it was awful,” the actress shrieks. “We were really crying, and then Josh and Liam and I just held each other for three hours. It was really sad. But I kept my hunting jacket, my leather jacket, and my boots, and I’m working on getting my bow back,” she laughs. “I’m not relieved that it’s finished. We’ve finished, but I don’t feel finished. I love doing these movies. I’m sad to not have them to go back to. And as for acting, I couldn’t do anything else. That’s what keeps me sane. It’s the only thing that I can do, and I would not be happy if I wasn’t doing it unless I have to do it. So whatever comes with that – whatever bad things – was just meant to be, because I can’t not be acting.”

A physical copy of the issue can be ordered online here.

Thanks Life in District 13 for providing the quotes!

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