Josh Hutcherson talks 'Mockingjay: Part 2' press tour


Josh Hutcherson talked to MTV recently about his short thriller project for Canon’s Project Imagination, The Rusted, where he’s acting alongside Jena Malone.

“[Doing ’The Rusted’] definitely pushed it further for me,” Hutcherson said. “I’ve always wanted to direct and produce, it’s something I’ve wanted to get into, and this is the first project that I’ve taken from the very beginning, the inception of the idea, all the way through to the final product. And it’s been really cool. Definitely seeing Ron — who also started out as an actor — make the transition to becoming one of the most well-respected directors, definitely aspires me to go for that even more.”

Josh elaborated on the differences between The Rusted and The Hunger Games, and playing a grounded character.

“I think it’s cool because Jena and I are in it together… taking ’The Hunger Games’ and applying it to a very different world,” he said. “Kat Candler’s style, our director, is very real — it’s very grounded, [whereas] ‘Hunger Games’ is a very big, futuristic hypothetical situation. So for me, it’s something that’s much more grounded and real, and it’s a character I’ve never gotten to play before. My character is this rock, metal-head kind of kid, and for me, it’s something that’s different. I hope people enjoy it, cause it’s me taking on something very different. Very dark.”

He also might have confirmed Berlin as one of the press stops (!) for Mockingjay: Part 2.

“I think on this press tour we actually get a couple of days here and there to enjoy the cities we’re going to go see,” he explained. “For me, the last press tour was so crazy and the one before that — we didn’t get to enjoy the cities that much. This time there’s a little bit more breathing room… normally you just wake up in a hotel, do press all day, and fly out; you don’t get to see anything. [This time] I know we’re going to be in Berlin again, which is where we wrapped the film, and so it will be nice to go back there. We have a day or so to get to relive some fun moments there. It’s going to be excellent.”

Read the full interview here.

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