Interview: Natalie Dormer answers questions during Reddit AMA

Natalie DFOR ALEXA ONLY 20141009_NYP_Natalie_Dormer-1292_V2.jpgormer (Cressida) took over the Reddit offices today with her own AMA (ask me anything.) In the AMA, she was asked several things regarding her acting, hobbies, and upcoming projects.

She was also asked what was the funniest thing Jennifer Lawrence ever said to her. Natalie responded with

“Dude, are you SURE?! When I was about to shave my head. It’s actually only funny in hindsight. Hahaha!”

Natalie closed the AMA by encouraging everyone to see “Mockingjay: Part 1”, by stating,

Thank you so much for your questions. That was really enjoyable. I hope everyone gets to theaters to see MOCKINGJAY Part 1 opening November 21. Enjoy the next season of Game of Thrones. And I would love to do this again, other side of shooting PATIENT ZERO and THE FOREST!”

You can read all of Natalie’s responses here! 


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