Jennifer Lawrence gives Willow Shields career advice


Willow Shields recently talked with SheKnows about all things Hunger Games, including some career advice that she received from Jennifer Lawrence.  Read an excerpt of the interview below:

OK, so we’re all dying to know: What is it like working with Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence? “Jen is crazy!” Shields said, adding, “She’s so much fun on set. Everyone loves her and she’s still the exact same person she was when we first started filming. She’s handled her fame amazingly. She’s the most fun, down-to-earth person —basically, she’s the life of the party on set.”

Did Lawrence give the young actress any career advice? “Yes,” said Shields, “She said to always stay who I am through all of this, don’t change. This is a large chunk of my life, from 10 years old onward, and I remember that advice every day.”

One thing unique about Shields’ career is that most film actors don’t get to play the same character over four movies. We asked Shields what seeing herself grow up on-screen is like.

“I think it’s kind of funny actually, because I can watch the first movie and think, ‘I’m so tiny and young!’ but then also keep watching to see how much I’ve grown as a person and an actor. It’s really fun. To play the same character over four movies, you learn more and more about that character.”

Check out the rest of the interview over at SheKnows, but beware if you’ve not read Mockingjay, there are spoilers!

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