Global Fan Day Twitter Q&A With Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth

As a part of the Global Fan Day, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth did a Q&A on Twitter!  The Hunger Games Twitter posted a few images of Josh and Liam in action, you can see those images in our gallery here!  Also, if you missed it, you can read the Q&A transcript below!

Q: For Josh: What traits and characteristics do you and Peeta have in common?

I would say we look alike and we both like to eat bread! #TwitterCatchingFire JH

Q: We get to see more of Gale in this film. How has he grown and developed since the first movie?

in catching fire you get to see a little more of how passionate he is about standing up to the capitol. LH

Q: what was the most exciting scene to shoot?

I think the most exciting thing was filming in Hawaii. #beach #fruit drinks #TwitterCatchingFire JH

getting whipped for 3 days straight was very interesting! LH

Q: If you could take one thing in the arena like the (Mockingjay for Katniss) what would it be?

A rifle… JH

Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

i would love to fly!

Q: If you were a Capitol citizen, which victor would you sponsor at the Quarter Quell?

probably Finnick based on his track record… JH

Q: What have you learned from the characters you play? Did you pick up any traits from them?

I think standing up for what you believe in is something that i always took away from the books> LH

Q: What was the toughest part of the movie to film?


Q: If there was a movie made about you, what actor would you want to play you? What would the movie be called?

I would choose Robert Downey Jr. and it would be called Gremlins 3 #TwitterCatchingFire JH

Q: was it weird having to purpose to someone??

yeah… totally weird. I’ve only done it 6 times before so I was really nervous. #rippedpants #TwitterCatchingFire JH

Q: What was it like working with the new cast member that were introduced in this film?

i feel so lucky to be working with so many great actors in these films. LH

Q: If you find your character in real life, what would you tell him?

MOVE ON… haha. JH

Q: Can you sum up the movie in one word :)


Q: Would you guys like to come to Brazil? We would love to have you here!!!!

YEah!!!! Ive never been before and it looks lovely. #TwitterCatchingFire JH

Q: Why basketball, Josh?

because im so tall… obviously. JH

Q: who is the most funny person in the cast?

would have to be between woody and jen when u have both on set at the same time its almost impossible to keep a straight face LH

Q: What’s it like travelling to amazing places, and being greeted by screaming fans? On a daily basis…

Its the best part of the job for me. well the traveling… screaming fans is really intense but I love the travel. JH

Q: Is Jen more beautiful in person?

Jen is beautiful inside and out. One of the sweetest people I’ve met. LH

Q: if peeta wasnt a baker what would he be ????

probably some form of an artist. JH

Q: what do you like to do in your free time?

i love to spend time with friends and family. LH

Q: For Josh: where do you see yourself in ten years?

jail. In 11 years, acting and directing. I don’t want to plan much more. haha JH

Q: what’s your favorite movie of all time?


Q: Josh, You think you’re good at telling jokes?

no JH

Q: What does the sticky note say on your shirt, Liam?:’)

My name. incase people forget. LH

Q: do you Like your fãs?


Q: Josh, tell me something essential in your life?

music. for sure. If i dont listen to music for a while it makes me go crazy. JH

Q: How is the food (behind you)?


Q: if one of you guys notice me i will cry forever :’)

You cant cry forever. Its really not practical or realistic. Smile forever would be much preferred. JH


credit for the transcript: The Hob

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