Comic Con 'Catching Fire' Live Blog + Master Post

All the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire-related goodies of today (interviews, panel, the trailer) from Comic Con will be put in this post.  We will keep you updated on what is going on today at Comic Con, so please make sure you keep checking this post!

You can find a list of all the panels, livestreams and schedules here.

9:00 AM – Today’s line-up at the prestigious Hall H has begun!

Hall H Catching Fire 2013

10: 50 AMJosh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence were spotted heading to Comic Con from the Hilton Hotel! (source: @Kateright)

11: 30 AM – Crowd around as Lionsgate Booth (#4029B) hands out the new Quarter Quell posters:

Picture by Perri Nemiroff


Overheard: “Jennifer Lawrence. If you had sex with her you’d become immortal.”

11:45 AM: ET Canada has announced they will be interviewing Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz.

12:15 PM: Two hours for Catching Fire trailer debut!

12:30 PM: Director Francis Lawrence is the first to arrive at the Press Line.

12:35 PM: Johanna Mason actress Jena Malone talks to ET Online at the Press Line.

12:40 PM: Willow Shields begins her interviews.

12:50 PM: Jennifer Lawrence tells ET Online that if she were to hit the SDCC floor, she would dress up as the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones!

1:00 PM PM: Josh Hutcherson has arrived at the Press Line!

1:10 PM: Lenny Kravitz admits little kids now come to him for autographs to ET Online.

1:13 PM: Jeffrey Wright talks to Press at the SDCC Line

1:30 PM: The Press Line is now over, the cast is heading for the Panel now.

1:42 PM: Lionsgate Panel has started. First up is Aaron Eckhart’s movie I, Frankenstein.

2:04 PM: Catching Fire logo goes up on screen and the crowd erupts in cheers.

2:08 PM: Liam Hemsworth, who was missing from the Press Line, is now on stage.


2:40 PM: The Catching Fire panel is over with another showing of the Trailer

3:00 PM: Willow Shields, Jeffrey Wright and Jena Malone sign autographs at Lionsgate Booth.

3:30 PM: MTV’s Interview with Catching Fire begins over here.

Story Developing…

Cast Images: *click to view larger

Press Line and Panel: view photos HERE in the gallery!

Livestreams: will be Live blogging the Catching Fire Panel.

MTV will be interviewing the Catching Fire cast.

ComingSoon.Net is Live blogging the Panel.

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