Josh Hutcherson Talks 'Hunger Games', Fear & Shyness!

Celebuzz has added a new interview for 100 Days with Josh Hutcherson!

With The Hunger Games a little bit more than two months from its big release on March 23, Celebuzz has been bringing all sorts of HG goodness your way with our 100 Days of Hunger Games campaign — and we’ve got some more from our exclusive with Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta) for you!

In our first interview with Josh, we talked about his thoughts on the getting the huge role and the movie, but this time we wanted to go deeper and get to know Josh on a personal level. What’s the key to his heart if you’re a lady who’s Team Peeta? What’s his biggest fear? We covered it all, and there’s one sports surprise that you’ll be shocked to know (Hint: Josh apparently has some serious 3-point skills).

Check out the video above, and here’s some choice quotes from our chat with Josh:

On His Biggest Fear: I don’t like spiders. Not to be cliche, I’m not afraid of much … I pride myself on that, but spiders I just don’t like. I feel like even if I’m three feet away I’m afraid they’re somehow going to get to me really quickly … and then they’re going to attack me, crawl in my nose. I’m terrified of it.

Is He Shy or Forward? If I’m meeting somebody for the first time, I can be a little shy at first but then when I know that I feel something about somebody, I’m all about talking about it. That’s one of the most important things — being up front and forthcoming.

What’s the Key to Winning His Heart? For me it’s all about being true to yourself and being real. I think if a girl tries to be something she’s not to try to make you think otherwise of her, then that’s just unattractive. I’d much rather be with somebody that’s naturally who they are.

Is He Ready for the Peeta-Katniss Pressure Between Him and Jennifer Lawrence: I don’t know how you can be prepared for that kind of thing. People are always going to infer and draw their opinions. I’m ready for people’s opinions, that’s for sure.

His Basketball Past: My basketball team was the Beverly Hills high school recreational league champions. We were the most unlikely team of like no taller than 6 foot tall white guys in this league where there’s tons of 6’10 ex-NBA players that played for the Nets, the Bulls — legit basketball players! And we won — I don’t know how still, but we did.

Is He a Baker Like Peeta? I’m more of a grill master. Being from Kentucky, the barbeque is more up my alley.

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