[Updated] "Safe & Sound" – Hunger Games Official Soundtrack Single!

Just a few seconds ago…literally, I got word that TAYLOR SWIFT featuring the CIVIL WARS has just released their new single “Safe and Sound” featured in The Hunger Games.
How exciting! You can go buy it HERE!

[UPDATE] Listen to the soundtrack on YouTube below:

What do you think of Taylor Swift on the soundtrack? Let us know!

0 thoughts on “[Updated] "Safe & Sound" – Hunger Games Official Soundtrack Single!

  1. This song would be good in the last movie when (SPOLIER ALERT) prim gets the silver parachute and katniss falls to the ground and sees prim and prims trying to bring katniss with her but katniss says she cant!!!


  2. Wow! such an amazing song! But I also hope it just will be in the end credits. 🙂 And when they put it as background music in the movie it should be the instrumental version. That could be nice.


  3. Here’s the thing. I *love* Taylor Swift – her music and lyrics are always very sweet and wonderful. And this song itself is lovely. But I’m *really* hoping this is just a song-that-plays-during-the-credits sort of thing, not something that plays during the film. I want the movie itself to not be full of poppy music that’s going to date it. :/


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