The Hunger Games filming update: Gary Ross talks filming Arena scenes, confirmation on Steven Sodenbergh

Entertainment Weekly has now confirmed that yesterday’s report of Steven Sodenbergh joining in The Hunger Games as Second Unit Director is indeed true.

“It’s true he’s shooting two days of second unit,” says director Gary Ross, who’s at the helm of the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian best-seller. “He’s one of my best friends and we all help each other a little bit on these things.” Soderbergh was a producer of Ross’ 1998 film Pleasantville.

The article also has more quotes from director Gary Ross, also talking about the burnt down Arena scene, photos of which have been swirling online for a couple of days now:

“We’ve already done a lot of action-y stuff,” says Ross. “We’ve burned down a forest, we’ve had the fire sequence, we blew up this pyramid of stuff that went 150 feet up in the air, and we had suitcases flying over a quarter of a mile.” While Ross says the high-octane action has been a thrill, he remains most turned on by the story’s emotional core. “I think it’s the power of Jennifer’s acting that’s the most moving to me,” he says. “That’s the stuff that knocks me out.”

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