'The Hunger Games' filming at North Fork Reservoir with pyrotechnics

The Hunger Games is all set to begin filming at the North Fork Reservoir. Apparently the crew will also be using fireworks/pyrotechnics and special effects to go off during this filming, as noted by Asheville citizens concerned for the conservation measures of the city.

Question: Perhaps I missed it somewhere, but has anyone asked how “The Hunger Games” movie crew is getting permission to film at the North Fork Reservoir? I thought that place was off-limits to everyone. In fact, there may even be rumors of offenders being sent off to prisons in Romania. Seriously, I thought no one was allowed to go there, yet, apparently, the movie crew will even set off fireworks/pyrotechnics there. Won’t that mess up our water?

My answer: Call me crazy, but I like my drinking water to have that little extra zing to it that only spent gunpowder can provide.

Real answer: “With respect to the North Fork Reservoir, the only production company the city has an agreement with is Ludus Productions for the filming of ‘Artemis,’” said Dawa Hitch, a spokeswoman for the city of Asheville, referring to the working title for “The Hunger Games.”

“The production company must meet the stringent restrictions of the conservation easement that has been placed on the site. The Conservation Trust of NC was involved in all negotiations regarding the city’s granting of use of the North Fork property for film production and granted its approval prior to the city entering into the agreement with Ludus.”

The production company also had “to meet all state, local permitting requirements and they have obtained an operational fire permit, allowing for the use of special effects, from the city,” Hitch said. Those special effects are subject to inspection from city fire department workers.

What scenes do you think this filming could involve?

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