'Hunger Games' filming update: The Capitol to be filmed 'indoors'

Filming in Hildebran for ‘The Hunger Games‘ is now at an end. Also, included is a brand new information that the Capitol will be filmed indoors.

From Hickory Daily Record:

Henry River Road was open on Thursday and filming for “The Hunger Games” at Henry River Mill Village in Hildebran was over.

Props that were apparently used for the movie remained, including clothes that were still hanging on a clothesline and rusted bed springs, car parts and animal pens remained. A set of wooden stairs that leads to a second floor built on the outside of one of the homes remain. The stairs are a new addition to the house.

According to locals residents, during filming actors and others were transported to the village from an old trucking company in Hildebran that was used as a parking and staging area.

They also aren’t supposed to reveal the locations for costume fittings. Treadway did say that the dress she was fitted for was so threadbare that it ripped during the fitting. Marcus said he was told the clothing in his scenes would look like clothes from the 1930s.

Extras also received haircuts, and the way Treadway described them, some of the haircuts were purposefully made to appear as if they were done at home. Treadway also was told not to wash her hair for two days before filming and to lose the highlights in her hair.

The set for the capitol will be built indoors, Treadway said she was told.


The Artemis facebook page also continues to provide interesting info on the filming. Just a few minutes ago, the page was updated with the following status:

Thanks to everyone who returned for filming this morning. It is a dreary day outside but we are filming.

Today’s call times and filming schedules are as follows:

Call Times for Friday 27th -Please report rain or shine.

Stand Ins: Christine, Kelsey, Eric and Samantha- 8:45 am

Prim Double: Erin – 2:00pm

For youths that filmed today and only for youths that filmed today

Boys 14 -18 – 6:30am

Boys 12-13 – 7:00am

Girls 14 – 18 (Last names A-Q) 7:00

Girls 14 -18 (Last Names R-Z) 7:30

Girls 12 -13 -7:30


Peacekeepers -7am

Peacekeeper#4 -7:30 am

Tech Crew/Camera -7:30

8 Reaping Officials -7:30 am

10 Returning Coal miners that worked Thursday – 8:00 am

No other miners will be needed now on Friday

Returning Townfolks from Thursday -8:00am

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